God’s purpose in adoption

My son’s birth Mom was young and unmarried when she found out she was pregnant, She did not know what to do. She wanted to give her baby his best chance and so decided to keep her pregnancy a secret so she could give him life without shame. She gave birth by herself in the middle of the night one April. She wanted to give this baby life because she knew he would bless many people. She contacted our adoption agency and we were matched with him when he was 3 days old.

God had a plan and purpose for my son. The love that washed over me when I held him was just like the love I had for my biological child. Adoption is the story of how love builds a family. He was mine and still is. His life was worth a chance and I’m so thankful his birth mother gave him the gift of life. And I am thankful that God places him in our family to be our child forever.