Have You Considered Parenting?

Although we’re sure you have many questions, successfully parenting your child is possible. When you consider parenthood, do you think about any of these issues?

  • Can I afford a baby?
  • Won’t I need special medical care?
  • How will I learn to care for a baby?
  • Who will help me raise my child?

These are all legitimate questions, and we have some answers for you. Our loving community serves and cares for women experiencing unplanned pregnancies.

Parenting Services We Provide

Our center was designed to teach you how to be a successful parent. ELM stands for Education, Life, and Mothers. We are here to support and assist you in your parenting journey.

Our Free Services

  • Inspirational monthly meetings with your personal Care Team. Each Care Team is made up of two trained ELM volunteers that will be matched with you, providing support and encouragement throughout your pregnancy and first years of parenthood.
  • Pregnancy education through our Baby Care Sessions, where you will get hands-on, practical advice
  • “Care Kits” which include diapers, bottles, a blanket, and clothing for your baby
  • Financial assistance with prenatal and postnatal appointments, a prenatal ultrasound, and hospital delivery fees are paid if specific criteria are met
  • Bible studies to strengthen you with a booklet of short devotionals
  • Community referrals for other services, if needed, such as women’s homes and job training

Our trained Care Team is ready to meet with you, listen to your situation, and discuss how we can assist you. We strive to create a loving community to serve and care for women facing unplanned pregnancies.

We are here to help you think through all of your pregnancy options and share the available resources to help you with pregnancy and parenting. Schedule an appointment to meet with us. We’re here for you.