*Original video from https://babyolivia.liveaction.org – used with permission by Live Action

There is so much to learn about the precious little life growing inside you. Let’s take a closer look at the baby’s development month by month.

Month One

Within the first 4 weeks, before a woman even knows if she’s pregnant, many changes are taking place.

  • Heart, brain, and the spinal cord form
  • At 21 days, the heart begins to beat and pump blood
  • Arm and leg buds appear

Month Two

  • Baby has 90% of the structures found in adults
  • Baby begins to move
  • Facial features, including eyelids, appear
  • The mother cannot feel the baby move yet

Month Three

This is a big transition time!

  • Kidneys, stomach, and liver are working
  • The baby receives all nutrition from the umbilical cord
  • The baby is fully formed

Month Four

  • Baby can open mouth, move lips, suck thumb, yawn, and swallow
  • Baby’s eyes can make sideways movements
  • Finger and toenails appear
  • Mother can feel her baby move

Month Five

  • Fingerprints can be seen
  • Baby’s eyes are formed knowing light from dark

Month Six

  • Baby has a chance of survival if born early
  • Can hear and recognize mother and father’s voice
  • Smiles and frowns
  • Dreams

Month Seven

  • The baby’s vocal cords are now active
  • Eyebrows are formed and eyes can make tears
  • Lungs are getting stronger

Month Eight

  • Baby turns to head down in preparation for birth
  • Skin becomes smooth
  • Hair begins to thicken
  • Hands can grasp firmly

Month Nine

  • Baby takes its first breath
  • Is an incredible creation of God
  • Has value from conception to death
  • Because they were created by God, like you, they are important