God’s provision in miscarriage

I stared in horror at the blood. I knew instantly that the sweet baby inside of me had died. Just a week earlier we had seen the baby moving on an ultrasound and heard its heart beating. I called my doctor and went to the hospital to get another ultrasound. Instead of showing our baby thriving inside of me, this ultrasound confirmed what my husband and I feared: there was no heartbeat. Our baby had died.

We were only 2 months pregnant with our third child, but we had already grown to love this precious life. We cried and asked God to comfort our grieving hearts. We asked God to help us be brave. He answered by surrounding us with loving friends. Our friends and church family prayed for us and cried with us. They made us food and watched our children so we could rest.

We thank God that even though we will not get to have our baby with us on earth, one day we will get to be with our baby in Heaven. We continue to miss the baby we lost, but we thank God He is always with us and comforts us in all of life’s sufferings. Even though we have followed God for many years we know Christians still experience bad things. But when we look to God for help our relationship with God is strengthened in the difficulty.