God’s Forgiveness in Abortion

Have you ever faced a serious situation caused by your own bad choices and you must face the problem all by yourself? You feel fear, shame and misery. That was me many years ago when as a single college student, I found out I was pregnant. I was overwhelmed by the mistake I had made. It was a secret and I thought I had to handle it all by myself.

I lived in a country where abortion was legal, and many women had abortions. I thought this was the best and only option for me. I discussed it with my dad, and he agreed abortion was our only option. So, I had an abortion. And then I buried the secret for so long. I thought I would be okay because no one knew. I thought I would forget about it. But I never did!

For 20 years the shame and guilt eroded me until I met Jesus through a Bible study called “Forgiven and Set Free”. I learned that I am not alone! So many women have experienced abortion. I learned there is a God named Jesus who died for me to pay for my sins because He loves me so much. Now I am a follower of Jesus and I want to help women experiencing my same struggle. I want to share about Jesus and how we can help. Please don’t hesitate to contact us. You are not alone. We want to walk with you through this difficult journey.